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Foam’s insulating properties and high strength make it a great choice for materials used in the transportation industry. Foam materials for the automotive and aerospace industries can be provided as cast sheets or even custom-made for specific uses. We provide foam direct from the best mills—ensuring all of our foam meets the stringent requirements demanded from the transportation sectors. These lightweight foams provide numerous performance characteristics. Using high-quality foams can also save you big time compared to the costs of other products or construction materials.
Military Helmet


In the military industry, precision is critical. This calls for a material just as precise and durable as its end use. Our selection of foam is up for the task. We have the experience to satisfy your product challenges. We provide molded foams to military specifications, thus creating the perfect performance composites for the necessary applications. The military industries can depend on us to fulfill each and every specific requirement.


When it comes to your requirements for flexible and long lasting foam, we’re your go-to supplier. No matter what products you manufacture—we know exactly what type of foam you need. Our innovative solutions save our customers money, all while meeting or exceeding quality requirements. We can help you select the right materials to ensure that you’re purchasing the optimal foam for sporting and recreational end-uses. We work with our customers to produce effective solutions that benefit the athletic industries. At, we meet our client’s exact specifications and provide nothing but exceptional quality products.
Other Industries

Other Industries

There are a number of other industries that can benefit from foam’s strength and durability. We specify moisture-resistant and acoustical foam with great thermal properties as well. All to meet the necessary requirements of the end user. Find out more about how your industry can benefit from foam’s many specific properties.
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