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EPS Foam Technical Data

Expanded polystyrene foam, also known as EPS foam, is made from a mixture of polystyrene and a gaseous blowing agent (generally pentane). Through the use of steam heat, the solid plastic is expanded into a foam.

EPS foam offers a good strength, good first drop cushioning performance, and offers excellent insulation. The product is great for packing consumer electronics, appliances, toys, food service items, and more. Below you will find technical data about our EPS foam products.

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Edgewise Compression Aged Expanded Polystryene

Compressive Strength

Static Compressive Creep - Density 1.0 PCF

Static Compressive Creep - Density 1.5 PCF

Effect of Temperature on Molded Surfaces
Nominal pcfDensity kg/m3Exposure Temperatures, F (C)
125 F (52 C)150 F (66 C)175 F (79 C)
116No ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
232No ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
464No ChangeSlightly BlisteredBlistered
696No ChangeSlightly BlisteredExtremely Blistered

Buoyancy Nominal Density 1 PCF (16 kg/m3)
Volume of Expanded PolystyreneBuoyancy
1 Cubic Foot61.427.85
1 Cubic Meter2170984.52

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