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Available Products

Foam Laminates

Foam Lamination
Combine same, different foams, combine foams to other materials all to offer specific performance.

Common Uses

Laminated PE foams, composite cores, combine foams of different densities, combine foams of different types, combine foam with other materials Can be heat or adhesive bonded Technical Data

Crosslinked Polyethylene Foams

Crosslinked Polyethylene
Made in the U.S.A. Reference for several grades of foams including chemical, irradiated and EVA polyethylene foams.

Common Uses

Automotive, heat form parts, medical, tape, packaging, athletic padding, mats, sound insulation, case liners Technical Data

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

Beaded foam for custom molded shapes and planks.

Common Uses

Automotive energy absorption, packaging, returnable packaging, display, recyclable, composite cored, helmet liners Technical Data

Polyethylene Foam

EPE Beaded Foam
Reference for several sub categories of polyethylene foam, including crosslinked polyethylene foams (chemical and irradiated) as well as low density foams.

Common Uses

Auto seals and close outs, heat formed parts, appliance, packaging, mats Technical Data

Adhesive Foam

To hold material in place to locate before assembly, or permanently place a material in a specific location.

Common Uses

Gaskets, seals, insulation, padding Learn More

Bead Foam

Reference for bead formed foams from materials like EPP, EPS, EPE.

Common Uses

Automotive energy absorption, composite cores, packaging, athletic, packaging, insulation, composite cores Technical Data

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE)

Beaded foam for custom molded shapes and planks.

Common Uses

Packaging, Display, pads Technical Data

Molded Foam

Crosslinked Polyethylene
Reference for tool molded or heat formed materials.

Common Uses

Automotive energy absorption, Helmut liners, packaging, insulation, trays, protective pads Technical Data

Heat Formable

Reference for materials that can be modified with heat.

Common Uses

Protective packaging, Automotive door water shields, fillers, athletic, medical/dental Technical Data

Polystyrene Foam

Reference for styrene content foams like EPS, rigid EPS and extruded foam insulation and molded EPS.

Common Uses

Packaging, insulation, prototypes theatre props, Geo foam Technical Data

Polypropylene Foam

Reference for molded EPP, sheet EPP, and extruded EP.

Common Uses

Automotive energy absorption, closeouts, gaskets, seals, packaging Technical Data

Non Halogenated Fire retardant Foam

Crosslinked Polyethylene
Polyethylene foam utilizing a non halogenated fire retardant system.

Common Uses

Office systems Technical Data

Anti-Microbial Foam

Incorporates an anti-microbial agent into the foam to inhibit mold growth

Common Uses

Automotive air handling seals, construction seals, insulation Technical Data

Closed Cell Foams

Suitable for wet locations or for providing a water seal.

Common Uses

Gaskets and seals, insulation, sound isolation, thermal insulation Learn More

CoPolymer Foams

Reference for multiple polymer blends such as EPE, PVN, SBR, EVA

Common Uses

packaging, gaskets, seals, insulation Technical Data

Color Match Foam

Matching foam to a specific color master, or a generic color.

Common Uses

Automotive trim, product identification, brand identity, safety Technical Data

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPE Beaded Foam
Beaded foam for custom molded shapes and planks.

Common Uses

Packaging, insulation, composite cores, display, Geo foam, theatre props, recyclable Technical Data

Fire Retardant Foam

Crosslinked Polyethylene
Many grades available from FMVSS-302 to UL-94 to California 117.

Common Uses

Automotive interior, appliance, specialty insulation, furniture Learn More


Foam used as a filler in construction to displace earth.

Common Uses

Highway construction, landscaping Technical Data

Open Cell Foams

Suitable for cushioning, air and dust seals, does not provide a water seal.

Common Uses

Thermal insulation, sound insulation, furniture padding, packaging, gaskets and seals Learn More

Polyolefin Foam

General description for polyethylene or EPP type foams.

Common Uses

Automotive energy absorption, packaging, heat formed parts, gaskets, isolators, thermal insulation, sound insulation Technical Data

Tool Control Foam

Laminated 2 or more color cross linked polyethylene foam.

Common Uses

Prevent tool loss and facilitate missing tools, case liners Technical Data

Profile Extrusions

Two dimensional continuous profiles with multiple materials including PE, PS, PVC, TPU, “green” formulas available.

Common Uses

Seals, display, spacers, window and doorframes and seals, automotive seals, medical/dental Learn More

Flexible Foam

Reference for soft compliant foams.

Common Uses

Gaskets, Seals, insulations, sound absorption Request a Quote

Rigid Foam

Reference for foam boards.

Common Uses

Composite cores, insulation, fillers, Geo foam Technical Data

Polyurethane Foam

General description for open or semi closed celled foams.

Common Uses

Cushioning, padding, air and dust seals Request a Quote

Polyvinyl Chloride Foam (PVC Foam)

Cost effective, generally closed cell foam.

Common Uses

gaskets, seals, padding, tape, cushioning, medical, HVAC, appliance, sound attenuation, trailer seals, BSR (buzz, squeak, rattle), NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) Request a Quote


Name for styrene foams like EPS, as well as extruded styrene foams.

Common Uses

Insulation, packaging, craft Learn More

Recycled Rubber

Rubber products incorporating recycled rubber products such as tires.

Common Uses

Mats, pads, thermoformable pads, agricultural, spacers sound attenuation Request a Quote


Reference for sponge rubber (foam).

Common Uses

Open, semi open or closed cell for seals, gaskets, and spacers Request a Quote

Textured Foam

Reference for foam with a modified surface.

Common Uses

Sound absorption, decorative, packaging Request a Quote

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