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Polyethylene Foam Technical Data

TI-Foam / T-Foam

Irradiation (TI) and chemically (T) cross linked closed cell polyethylene (PE) foam is manufactured as a continuous sheet, which can be supplied as either rolls or sheets of foam.

Density or “hardness” ranges from 2.0 lbs pcf (lbs per ft3) and extends to 30 lbs pcf.

Thickness of the roll/sheet ranges anywhere from 1/32″ to 4″. Widths of the roll/sheet vary from our standard 60″ to as wide as 72″. (A typical roll diameter is approximately 36″.)

Lengths of the roll/sheet ranges anywhere from 10 ft to 2,000 ft.

Colors are classed within two categories. The standard colors are natural (the color of French vanilla ice cream), gray, charcoal, and black. Custom colors are available for an additional fee.

Additives such as PE film (or skin) are designated by the letter “F” (e.g. TF). The letter “E” is designated for EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), which is primarily added to enhance the softness of elasticity of the foam (e.g. TE). The additives for flame retardant is designated as “FR” and alloy is represented as “A”. A single sided smooth surface is represented as “SM”; however, a double-sided smooth surface is represented as “SSM” (e.g., TSSM).


A chemically (T) cross-linked, closed cell, micro-cellular polyethylene foam. This manufacturing process utilizes a “pressed-bun” process that results in one of its nicknames “bun” (B). Other names are derived from its appearance such as plank, mini-cell, EVA, and sheet form.


  • TB-20 is nominal 2.0 pcf
  • TB-30 is nominal 3.0 pcf
  • TB-40 is nominal 4.0 pcf
  • TB-60 is nominal 6.0 pcf

Bun sizes: 4″ x 48″ x 72″ and 4″ x 40″ x 80″ are the untrimmed standard sizes. All buns come with a tough outer skin or skived on the top and bottom surfaces.

Colors: Standard colors include white, gray, charcoal, and black. Other colors are available for an additional charge.

Bags: Clean, heavy duty, recycled PE material is used in packaging our material.

Additives: EVA (E) and Flame Retardant (FR) are added for special orders.

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TI-Foam / T-Foam / TB-Foam / Physical Properties *
TI-20TI-40TI-60T 20T 40T 60TB 20TB 30TB 40TB 60
Nominal Density (PCF)2462462346
Tensile Strength (PSI)44701304370135357812180
Elongation (% to break)150180200120150190231281205180
Tear Resistance (lb/in)1318351117368141719
Compression Strength (PSI) (25% deflection)71335612199121819
Compression Set (%of original thickness)22161124181315131110
Thermal Stability (% of chg @ 158 ° for 24 hrs<.6<.6<.6<.5<.6<.6
Thermal conductivity (btu/hr/inch ft/°F)
Working Temperature Range-70°F to 175° F;
Water Absorption (lb/ft2/°F)<.06<.05<.05<.06<.05<.04<.07<.07<.07
Flammability (MVSS302)Pass Available
*Testing done according to ASTM D3575 & ASTM C177 (thermal conductivity) standards.
Test methods available upon request. All data is typical and not to be considered specification values.


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