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Most foam products can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to facilitate assembly of the foam product to an assembly substrate.  There are two basic types of PSA adhesives to consider, permanent types which retain the foam without any mechanical restraint, and assembly adhesives, which hold the foam in place only until it can be mechanically retained.  Typically the permanent types of adhesives are more costly, so it is important to consider how you expect the adhesive to perform in the specific application.  There are also many other performance requirements for any adhesive application, and it is important to consult an adhesive expert for specific recommendations.

PSA adhesives are typically supplied on a release paper or film.  The release paper or film protects the adhesive during processing, and it is intended to be discarded before the installation of the foam to the finished location.  PSA adhesives should be installed within the recommended application temperatures, generally in the 10-45C (50-110F) temperature range.  Applying the PSA at temperatures outside these ranges can cause poor adhesion issues.

Finally, a clean surface is critical for a successful PSA bond.  Surfaces must be clean from dust, oil and other substances.  Most adhesion problems with PSA type adhesives occur from the surface not being properly cleaned, and not applying enough pressure over the bond surface to ensure full contact with the adhesive. can meet all your adhesive foam needs. Contact us today to request a free quote.


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