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Crosslinked Polyethylene Foams

There are two major types of Crosslinked Polyethylene Foams: Irradiated and chemically crosslinked. The crosslinked polyethylene foams typically have improved physical properties over standard non crosslinked polyethylene foams. Crosslinked polyethylene foams are used for more demanding applications such as tape products, medical applications, heat forming applications, or where appearance is important.

The two major types of crosslinked PE foam are:

Irriadiated Crosslinked polyethylene foam is very fine celled microcellular foam. Iriadiated crosslinked foam is used for medical applications, heart forming, and high end protective packaging and consumer products. This foam can actually be printed on very clearly.

Chemically crosslinked foam also has good physical properties, but has a larger more random cell structure. Chemically crosslinked foam can also be used for packaging, heat forming and a large variety of applications.

These foams are available in a wide variety of formulations including EVA modified to make the foams more pliable, as well as with fire retardants. Crosslinked foams are available in both rolls and bun (block) form, and in a variety of colors, as well as natural, white and black.

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