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Closed Cell vs Open Cell Foam

In understanding the performance of different types of foam materials, a very important consideration is whether a specified foam is open cell (open cell walls that allow water and moisture to pass through), and closed cell foam (closed cell walls that do not allow water or moisture to pass through). Generally open cell foams typically […]

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Foam Density

 Foam Density is frequently specified as a foam product requirement. In reality, foam density has little to do with performance. Density is helpful when trying to determine a specific part weight. One of the most important specifications for foam is compression deflection, which will give you a value to judge the softness or firmness of […]

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What is foamsearch.com?

foamsearch.com is your single source for industrial foams in quantity. We specialize in working with quality manufacturing foam mills that provide the best value. These manufacturing mills will work with special requests like specialty fire retardants, densities, specifications, and other custom requirements to help you with your application. If we do not supply your requested […]

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